January through May


appointment only and web orders




Saturdays and Sundays


10:30 am-4pm



Lavender is known for its stress relieving and relaxing qualities.  Our peaceful boutique farm is just the place to slow down and rekindle your spirits after a long work week.   


  • Borrow scissors as available or bring your own and cut your own fragrant lavender bunches (seasonal).
  • Stroll up and down the lavender rows and admire beautiful flowers.
  • Pack a bottle of wine and wedge of cheese or picnic lunch and hang out on one of our picnic benches on the farm.
  • Shop for all natural, hand-crafted lavender products in our renovated smokehouse shop. Yes, we DO take credit cards!
  • Buy some dried lavender buds and try out authentic French cooking when you get home!  Here is a website with plenty of mouth-watering recipes:  http://www.discoverlavender.com/cooking.htm
  • Ride on our awesome wooden swing, everyone does it from the young to the not-so-young!  Play our bean bag toss game or hook the washer on the nail - simple but addicting!
  • Paint your next masterpiece.
  • Professional photographers wishing to rent the lavender fields and/or the rest of the farm for weddings or other photo shoots should talk to Shannon or Kathy to arrange.




Winter -  So far we've had 21 births since December 7th, thereby doubling our herd! Poppy and Elle are enormous now and continue to do the most outstanding work keeping the sheep safe from the many hungry predators prowling around every night.

Between Shannon's awesome solar-powered mobile chicken coop and the patrolling Maremmas, our chickens have been thriving!  Prior to these additions, we lost chickens to foxes and hawks at an alarming rate.  Yea!