Bluebird Nesting Boxes

BLUEBIRD NESTING BOXES! Ten new bluebird nesting boxes are now installed around the farm!  These innovative boxes are designed specially to keep out predators that prey on the eggs and vulnerable fledglings.  With most nesting boxes, snakes and racoons can easily climb the mounting posts.  These new boxes are similar to the barriers on ship anchor chains to keep out rats - the skinny pole has a baffle that is extremely difficult for the predators to  pass.  


My master naturalist mother-in-law has been instrumental in our obtaining and installing these awesome boxes so we can give those birds a fighting chance and increase the bluebird population on our farm.  


May update:  Our boxes are full of bluebird families!  On the downside, one of our extra-agile cats is able to outmaneuver the barriers and climb to the top of the box, reaching her paw toward the hole!  Ugh.  Our bluebirds are doing great despite our sneaky cat, and bluebird "gifts" haven't been bestowed on us by any proud kitties.  Seeing the many bluebirds flitting around the farm has been a joy, they are so brilliant in color!