Dorset Sheep



In March 2013, we saw the arrival of a small flock of seventeen all-white Dorset sheep. Eight ewes, one ram, and eight adorable lambs came to Inglewood. Through breeding, we have expanded our herd to about 80 ewes, and up to 100 lambs during the breeding season.


The gentle sheep help us to mow the grass in the fields the old-fashioned way - a green alternative to gas-powered mowers.  They also fertilize the grass and hay fields organically.




Dorsets originated in England and was first imported into the US in 1885.  It's a versatile breed with a desirable white wool fleece, a good meat, and a heavy milker.  Best known for their ability to have two lambing seasons per year, often bearing twins, they are particularly prolific breeders.  The medium length wool is free of black fibers, making it attractive to wool processors.  


If you are interested in purchasing rams, ewes, or lambs, for breeding or for butchering, please call Shannon Tillman at 434-326-2939.