About Lavender Hydrosol

Lavender hydrosol is a by product of the steam distillation process used to extract lavender essential oil from the lavender flowers. It shares the same wonderful healing and anti-bacterial properties as lavender essential oil, but is produced in greater volume and therefore less expensive than the oils.


Lavender hydrosol has an earthy scent that differs from the essential oil counterpart.  It can be employed in many of the same ways with some additional uses, too.




Use directly to clean and disinfect without harmful chemicals: safe on counters, bathrooms, mirrors, stainless steel, sealed floors, and glass.

Use in your car to clean the dashboard, mirrors, windows, chrome, and vinyl.

Spray on clothes from the washer before placing in the dryer to impart the sweet smell onto your clothing.




Use as an antiseptic on cuts and abrasions.

Use to relieve rashes, dryness and eczema.

Use as a rinse to heal and relieve dandruff.

Use to wipe baby's bottom to heal and prevent diaper rashes.

Soothe and heal sunburns.

Heal and prevent acne.

Cools hot flashes.


Mood Enhancing:


Spray on sheets before bedtime to aid in relaxation and sleep.

Spray in car to relax and calm yourself in stressful traffic.

Use as a room or body spray to relax and destress.


Other Uses:


Rinse or spray your pet with lavender water to repel insects or heal inflammations.

Use to repel insects on people, safe even for babies.

Safe on plants and vegetables to discourage insects organically.

Can remove pine sap from hands or other surfaces.

Make your own wet-wipes by spraying onto thick papertowels or cotton strips and store in a ziploc to use when you need freshening up.