Maremma Guard Dogs

Poppy and Elle are our two Maremmas that guard our vulnerable sheep from predators. When we got them in March 2013, they were fluffy white snowballs.  They grew fast and are not so little anymore - but still act like the puppies! 


We have many foxes, bears, wild dogs, bobcats, and coyotes out here so Poppy and Elle are an important part of our sheep breeding success. Poppy and Elle's natural instincts have kicked in full force and they do a wonderful job patrolling the sheep borders at night. We haven't had even one loss due to predators.  Although they do like to chase the lambs around sometimes, the Maremmas have truly bonded with their sheep.  They even help the mother ewes lick the newborn lambs.



Maremmas are an ancient livestock guardian breed that originated in Italy to guard sheep against wolves.  They are white and very large, often mistaken for the Great Pyrenees. Extremely proficient guards, they often live exclusively with their livestock. 


They make great companion dogs with their gentle and calm dispositions (once they outgrow their puppy years!), though they require lots of space.