Mobile Chicken Coop

Due to our many problems with predators and our desire to organically fertize the hayfields with free range chickens, Shannon has designed and built a beautiful white mobile chicken house.  The chicken mobile will allow us to move the chickens around the farm on a weekly basis, giving the chickens a new patch of fresh grass to forage while simultaneously fertilizing our pastures for improved hay production.  Another green alternative to chemical fertilizers. 


It sports a solar powered automatic door that opens and closes at dawn and dusk.  The chickens naturally enter the house before the door closes to bed down for the night.


Another cool feature is the portable electric netting, also solar powered.  The chickens are capable of flying out and roaming wherever they choose, but they mostly prefer to stay within the safety of the netting.  Dogs and foxes, the worst predators, can't get through.  Hawks are another large threat, and the chickens typically move to safety underneath the house if they see one overhead.